Supporting Consumers

We are here to support all consumers... regardless of their current financial situation. We understand that bad things happen to good people. Are we contacting the wrong person? Do you need us to stop calling?

Is there something that you need to tell us? We want to hear from you, and help!

Consumer Rights

This Consumer Assistance Center website is designed to help you solve these problems quickly and easily. Select Resource Group recognizes and supports your consumer rights. Contact us using the buttons above or call (888) 994-9706 to speak with a Consumer Support Manager now. We are here to work with you, and help.

If you are a potential client, please visit our business portal at

I called into to discuss the account I received a letter about and the agent from Dynamic helped me so much. It was apparent she went above and beyond what I know she was required to do. I specifically called into DRS to speak the agent supervisor so I could pay this agent a well-deserved compliment. The agent did a wonderful job and I'm very thankful for all of her help.


Grateful Customer

The professionalism received from the Dynamic agent eased my concerns about dealing with a collection agency. The agent I spoke to was polite and made dealing with this situation much easier than expected.


Pleasantly Surprised Customer

Thank you and thanks to your agent for his outstanding service.


Satisfied Customer